Wauseon Indians Grab Runner Up At NWOAL Championships; Locos Place Five

NWOAL Championships MM 074

Wauseon’s Tony Banister takes down Delta’s  Conner Keller in Semi-Final action  6-1.


METAMORA – The NWOAL Championships were held on February 1st, at Evergreen High School. The Wauseon Indians led by Head Coach Mike Ritter placed second in the team standings, behind 2013 State Team Champion Delta, with 205 points on the meet.

Grabbing Championships for the Wauseon Indians were Wade Hodges at 132, Aaron Schutte at 170 and Tony Banister at 195. Also placing for Wauseon was Andrew Bailey at 113 (2nd), Cameron Slattman at 126 (2nd), Tre Campbell at 160 (2nd), Alec Vonier at 182 (2nd), McKayla Campbell at 106 (3rd), Jackson Sluder at 138 (3rd), Derek Schuette at 145 (4th) Deven Jones at 285 (3rd) and Gage Campbell at 120 (5th).

For the Locomotives, led by Head Coach Troy Roth, both Sean Taylor at 126 and Hunter McKelvey at 170 captured 3rd place with victories in their final consolation matches. Also placing for Montpelier was Zack Murray at 106 (4th), Jordan Birdsall at 160 (4th) and Seth Ries at 113 (5th). Montpelier as a team placed 9th with 41.5 points on the weekend.

Notable in the tournament this weekend was Wauseon Junior Wade Hodges, capturing his 3rd consecutive NWOAL Championship.

The following individual Wauseon and Montpelier results were posted by round and weight class…

1. Delta 292.0

2. Wauseon 205.0

3. Archbold 196.0

4. Bryan 69.5

5. Liberty Center 66.0

6. Evergreen 54.0

7. Patrick Henry 48.5

8. Swanton 43.5

9. Montpelier 41.5

First Place

113: Jake Spiess(Delta) pin Andrew Bailey(Wauseon) 0:48

126: Noah Mattin(Delta) dec. Cameron Slattman(Wauseon) 6-3

132: Wade Hodges(Wauseon) dec. Dustin Marteney(Delta) 7-1

160: Tyler Fahrer(Delta) dec. Tre Campbell(Wauseon) 3-2

170: Aaron Schuette(Wauseon) tech. fall Brock Nagel(Bryan) 22-7

182: Ryan Patchin(Delta) maj. dec. Alec Vonier(Wauseon) 11-3

195: Tony Banister(Wauseon) dec. Kent Petersen(Patrick Henry) 9-2

Third Place

106: McKayla Campbell(Wauseon) maj. dec. Zack Murray(Montpelier) 14-4

126: Sean Taylor(Montpelier) dec. Austin Wilson(Archbold) 6-0

138: Jackson Sluder(Wauseon) pin Justin Heckel(Evergreen) 2:43

145: Antonio Ramos(Bryan) dec. Derek Schuette(Wauseon) 7-5

160: Lincoln Parsley(Archbold) pin Jordan Birdsall(Montpelier) 4:57

182: Hunter McKelvey(Montpelier) pin Gavin Saul(Bryan) 2:52

285: Devon Jones(Wauseon) pin Marty Nichols(Evergreen) 2:08

Fifth Place

113: Seth Ries(Montpelier) advanced with bye

120: Gage Campbell(Wauseon) pin Collin Vollmar(Liberty Center) 1:50

132: Mason Kasefang(Evergreen) pin Keaton Byers(Montpelier) 2:35

145: Travis Barnes(Delta) pin C.J. Roth(Montpelier) 3:36

152: Dylan Nicely(Wauseon) maj. dec. Sergio Reyna(Evergreen) 17-7

170: Trey Zimmer(Patrick Henry) pin Isaac Hutchinson(Montpelier) 2:53

220: Jacob Price(Swanton) dec. Kalob Keller(Montpelier) 5-4

Consolation Semifinal

106: McKayla Campbell(Wauseon) pin Max Crow(Swanton) 1:54

Zack Murray(Montpelier) pin Zane Peterson(Liberty Center) 2:53

113: Elijah Alvarado(Archbold) pin Seth Ries(Montpelier) 0:08

120: Zach Meyer(Archbold) dec. Gage Campbell(Wauseon) 11-6

126: Sean Taylor(Montpelier) tech. fall Austin Owens(Bryan) 16-1

132: Lukas Rufenacht(Archbold) pin Keaton Byers(Montpelier) 0:33

138: Jackson Sluder(Wauseon) pin Brett Driscoll(Bryan) 3:19

145: Derek Schuette(Wauseon) pin C.J. Roth(Montpelier) 4:52

152: Hunter Carnahan(Liberty Center) pin Dylan Nicely(Wauseon) 1:30

160: Jordan Birdsall(Montpelier) maj. dec. Nathan Andonian(Patrick Henry) 10-2

170: Todd Miller(Delta) pin Isaac Hutchinson(Montpelier) 1:55

182: Hunter McKelvey(Montpelier) pin Koltin Zimmerman(Archbold) 4:10

220: Tyler Coopshaw(Evergreen) dec. Kalob Keller(Montpelier) 6-0

285: Devon Jones(Wauseon) pin Christian Riddle(Bryan) 2:04


106: Drew Mattin(Delta) pin McKayla Campbell(Wauseon) 1:11

113: Andrew Bailey(Wauseon) pin Elijah Alvarado(Archbold) 4:37

126: Noah Mattin(Delta) dec. Sean Taylor(Montpelier) 9-2

Cameron Slattman(Wauseon) pin Austin Wilson(Archbold) 5:09

132: Wade Hodges(Wauseon) pin Lukas Rufenacht(Archbold) 2:36

138: Christian Valentine(Delta) pin Jackson Sluder(Wauseon) 0:51

145: Mason Knipp(Liberty Center) dec. Derek Schuette(Wauseon) 8-2

160: Tyler Fahrer(Delta) maj. dec. Jordan Birdsall(Montpelier) 15-1

Tre Campbell(Wauseon) dec. Lincoln Parsley(Archbold) 1-0

170: Aaron Schuette(Wauseon) pin David Bell(Archbold) 2:30

182: Alec Vonier(Wauseon) pin Koltin Zimmerman(Archbold) 2:54

195: Tony Banister(Wauseon) dec. Conner Keller(Delta) 6-1

285: Chance Veller(Delta) pin Devon Jones(Wauseon) 0:33

Third Consolation

106: Zack Murray(Montpelier) advanced with bye

113: Seth Ries(Montpelier) advanced with bye

120: Braden Hahn(Bryan) tech. fall Dean Ramey(Montpelier) 18-1

Gage Campbell(Wauseon) pin Broden Casillas(Patrick Henry) 2:31

132: Keaton Byers(Montpelier) pin Chase Shank(Patrick Henry) 4:20

138: Justin Heckel(Evergreen) dec. Lane Strubberg(Montpelier) 8-7

145: C.J. Roth(Montpelier) advanced with bye

152: Dylan Nicely(Wauseon) pin Tyler McDaniel(Montpelier) 4:20

170: Isaac Hutchinson(Montpelier) advanced with bye

182: Hunter McKelvey(Montpelier) advanced with bye

220: Kalob Keller(Montpelier) advanced with bye

Second Consolation

106: Zack Murray(Montpelier) advanced with bye

113: Seth Ries(Montpelier) advanced with bye

120: Dean Ramey(Montpelier) advanced with bye

Gage Campbell(Wauseon) advanced with bye

132: Keaton Byers(Montpelier) advanced with bye

138: Lane Strubberg(Montpelier) advanced with bye

145: C.J. Roth(Montpelier) advanced with bye

152: Tyler McDaniel(Montpelier) advanced with bye

Dylan Nicely(Wauseon) advanced with bye

170: Isaac Hutchinson(Montpelier) advanced with bye

182: Hunter McKelvey(Montpelier) advanced with bye

220: Kalob Keller(Montpelier) advanced with bye


106: Drew Mattin(Delta) pin Zack Murray(Montpelier) 2:30

McKayla Campbell(Wauseon) advanced with bye

113: Jake Spiess(Delta) pin Seth Ries(Montpelier) 0:13

Andrew Bailey(Wauseon) advanced with bye

120: Kyle Keller(Delta) tech. fall Gage Campbell(Wauseon) 18-2

J.D. Reisinger(Swanton) tech. fall Dean Ramey(Montpelier) 16-0

126: Sean Taylor(Montpelier) advanced with bye

Cameron Slattman(Wauseon) pin Jake Cox(Liberty Center) 1:28

132: Wade Hodges(Wauseon) tech. fall Mason Kasefang(Evergreen) 18-3

Henry Elling(Liberty Center) pin Keaton Byers(Montpelier) 3:37

138: Jackson Sluder(Wauseon) maj. dec. Lane Strubberg(Montpelier) 11-0

145: Logan Day(Archbold) pin C.J. Roth(Montpelier) 1:24

Derek Schuette(Wauseon) advanced with bye

152: Garrett Grime(Archbold) pin Dylan Nicely(Wauseon) 1:39

Brandon Cole(Patrick Henry) tech. fall Tyler McDaniel(Montpelier) 16-1

160: Jordan Birdsall(Montpelier) advanced with bye

Tre Campbell(Wauseon) pin Nathan Andonian(Patrick Henry) 3:40

170: Aaron Schuette(Wauseon) pin Isaac Hutchinson(Montpelier) 0:18

182: Ryan Patchin(Delta) pin Hunter McKelvey(Montpelier) 3:00

Alec Vonier(Wauseon) advanced with bye

195: Tony Banister(Wauseon) pin Chance Taylor(Bryan) 1:37

220: Jacob Price(Swanton) pin Kalob Keller(Montpelier) 1:34

285: Devon Jones(Wauseon) advanced with bye

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