Wauseon Mayor Doug Shaw Declares September Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  It has been signed by the Mayor of Wauseon, Doug Shaw, that the month of September is declared that. The VA has adopted this as Military Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Since 2001 more then 2700 service members have taken their own lives. This not include the Natl Guard or Reserve Troops. 2012 hit an all time high of 350. This out numbered the number of deaths in Afghanistan and doubled the rate from a decade ago. Last year the Army recorded 182, Marines 48 up 50%,Air Force-59 up 16%,Navy-60 up 15%. More then half of the Vets have never even been deployed. Reasons; Non combat guilt, deployment PTSD, weak economy etc..  I believe that the biggest problem is getting Veterans to use services available to them. It is hard to tell someone that that has been shot at or served multiple tours that the biggest danger they face is themselves. Society CAN help by talking, listening, not judging and offering hope that their crisis will pass. Suicide is not limited to just Veterans. It effects their wives and children as well!  As a society we owe it to the men and women who are serving our country and fighting for our freedoms and their families to step up and extend a hand of fellowship. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. There will be deep purple awareness ribbons at the following banks; PNC on Shoop Ave, F& M Banks on Shoop Ave. and Fulton Street and First Federal. Please pick one up and wear the ribbon proudly the month of September and bring the much needed awareness to our society.

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