Wauseon Middle School Principal Works With Ohio Department Of Education

Joe Friess 2015Mr. Joe Friess, WMS Principal, recently participated in a job shadowing activity that was coordinated by the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators
(OASSA). The purpose of this program was to increase understanding and communication between Ohio Department of Education (ODE) leaders and field-level leaders by having them share information with each other and visit each other’s work places. The program also helped participating OASSA members associate names with faces at the department.

Mrs. Simmerer visited classrooms and school activities at the middle school and the elementary school on October 6th. Mrs. Fryzel showed our guest some of the teacher’s educational tools and resources provided by Google and LanSchool.

Mr. Friess then joined Mrs. Simmerer during her scheduled meetings at the ODE on October 13th. As a reflection of the activity, Mr. Friess shared the following thoughts, “My experience at the ODE was a real eye opener. Having the responsibility of writing policy that reflects the intent of the Ohio State Legislature as well as the Governor, responding to the varying needs and questions of educators throughout the State of Ohio, and processing all of the data related to tests and student information are in and among themselves are enormous tasks. To be responsible for them all requires talented and dedicated people to pull it off. The people that I interacted with were very open to my being there and shared freely. They have to make a lot of important decisions on a daily basis. It truly gave me a new perspective on and appreciation for what they do. Sincerest thanks to Mrs. Simmerer and the ODE for making my experience so very worthwhile. It was a tremendous honor and privilege to have had the opportunity.”


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  1. Congratulations and a big “thank you” to Dr. Friess for participating in this program! He is a valued member of the OASSA Board of Directors, and a role model for other principals throughout Ohio.

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