Wauseon Rescue System Works Every Day To Serve The Citizens Of Wauseon and Fulton County

Wauseon al8Proud to serve the Wauseon community and surrounding areas at a moment’s notice, the job of an E.M.T is not always a rewarding job but these brave men and women are willing every day to put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of Wauseon and Fulton County.

Wauseon’s rescue system came to life in the late 1930s when the need for a rescue squad was foreseen by the various Fulton County Fire Departments. The first rescue squad was then purchased from the funds raised by the Wauseon Fire Department’s Annual Feather Party. Since the 1930s, equipment has been purchased with money from this annual fundraiser with special equipment being donated by various organizations throughout the years.

Fulton County has four advanced life support units. ALS8 is the one stationed at the Wauseon Fire Dept. and is staffed full time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. ALS8 has 3 full time paramedics and 2 full time E.M.T’S.
The brave men and women that serve and protect the citizens of Wauseon are:

Rick Sluder, Wauseon Fire Chief
Galen Chamberlin, Fire Fighter 2/Paramedic
Scott Hibbard, Fire Fighter 1/Paramedic
Lt. J.D Bowers, Fire Fighter 2/Paramedic
Lt. Jeremy Shirkey, Fire Fighter 1/EMT-B
Chris Nelson, Fire Fighter 2/EMT-B


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