Wauseon Veterans Continue To Serve Even When The Fighting Stops

11-10-2014-Veterans Breakfast-Wauseon-T.J (2) WEBBy T.J. Hug

Once one sets out to serve their country, whether by choice or by draft, they never stop.

This message was conveyed to several Fulton County Veterans during a special breakfast held in their honor at the county’s senior center the day before Veterans’ Day. Put on by Fulton County Veterans Services, the breakfast had many in attendance, with every table covering the gym on the second floor of the building filled with men and women who served their country with honor.

The morning event began with a recitation of The Pledge of Allegiance, with every person in the room placing their right hand over their heart, a sign of respect and love for their country mostly forgotten by today’s society.

Afterward, the veterans and their spouses returned to their seats before being informed that the meal was ready. Old times were discussed as the “chow line” moved forward, as veterans swapped stories of their times in service, as well as a wide variety of other topics. This conversing continued back at the tables as the honored guests enjoyed their food as well as their company.

There were two speakers who wished to address the former servicemen and women. The first was Linda Magnan, the Benefits Counselor of the Fulton Country Veterans Services Office. In an impassioned speech, she praised all veterans for their service, though she didn’t thank them.

“…and I’m not going to thank you for your sacrifice.” Magnan finshed listing. “Because thank you isn’t enough.”

The second speaker, Persian Gulf Veteran and Pettisville native Danny Dymarkoski, had a powerful message for his fellow veterans, which he delivered through a well-spoken, prepared speech. He was inspired to put down the paper for a moment, however, as he looked around the room.

“I look at all of you, and I find myself embarrassed.” Dymarkoski stated. “I’ve heard about the things you all went through in World War II. and Korea. and Vietnam. What I’ve done pales in comparison.”

Referencing the world around them, Dymarkoski called upon those brave men and women to continue fighting.

“I wish I could tell you that your job is done.”

Its not, though, at least according to Dymarkoski. The soldier from Pettisville made the claim that younger generations are in desperate need of the courage and dedication that only a veteran can know. That’s why he asked those veterans in attendance to serve as an inspiration to those generations.

“You are the greatest generation.” Proclaimed Dymarkoski.

And the greatest generation never stops fighting.

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