Wauseon’s Yackee Lays Down His Trumpet To Spotlight His Voice

BBR_0047 (WEB)Senior Chris Yackee, best known for his trumpet solos in the band, thought he would like to give this ‘singing business’ a try. When he finally did during his junior year, he found out that he had a gift of singing. With the gift, he finds himself in the spotlight as Joseph in the upcoming production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

“I did the musical last year and enjoyed it,” Yackee said. “With that, I joined Accapella Choir this year and developed my voice further.”

It was indeed a shock the at the fall concert when the senior was up with his fellow choir members singing. So the young man who has always been a staple in the first chair trumpet spot in the band, is now turning his attention to bettering his singing voice. It is a talent that Yackee figured he probably possessed but never had the confidence or want-to to ‘put himself out there.’

“When I was little I never used to like to sing, I do not know why. But being in band since sixth grade, so I already have the needed musical background. My mom is a wonderful singer and my dad carries a tune very well, so it has always been there with an entire family that has singing talent, but up until the musical last year, I did not even sing in church. But I just came out after the musical last year and tried out and made Chorale, so it was like a light bulb came on last year and I thought “I can do this.”

So even with an experienced background the challenges of a lead role can be many, and Yackee is learning firsthand and under fire that the statement is true. “Mostly memorization of the songs,” Yackee said. “The main concern is that this is just my second production, so I do not have that experience that is expected from a lead role. So I have trying to learn as much as I can from Cole Stiriz, Katie Spieles and Cassidy Wells who have been doing this ever since they have been in high school. I try to pick up on their leads. It is not quite second nature yet but I do what they ask me and add a little bit of emotion to it.”

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  1. Yea! Go Chris! You’re gonna do awesome!

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