West Unity Approves Promotion Of Philip Fry To Police Lieutenant, Announces Income Study

IMG_0090.JPGBy: Chelsie Firestone

Among the lengthy list of legislative matters addressed by members of the West Unity Village Council meeting during a special meeting held on May 21 was a resolution and ordinance that, taken together, will allow for the position of a Lieutenant to be added to the West Unity Police Department as well as will allow for Officer Nathan Allen to be moved into a full time position.

The position, which will be filled by a promotion of Officer Philip Fry, is being created to allow more supervision assistance to Police Chief J.R. Jones, who has shouldered most of those responsibilities on his own due to Assistant Chief Dan Fedderke currently being off. The position of Lieutenant has been utilized by the West Unity Police Department in the past, however, not for some years.

Council unanimously approved both the resolution and the ordinance under emergency language that waives the three reading rule. Several Council members and Village officials also took time to express their gratitude towards Chief Jones for his continued hard work in keeping West Unity safe as well as his attention to fiscal responsibility.
It was also announced by Village Administrator Ric Beals during the meeting that a village wide income study will soon be conducted. The study is being done, to help the village in securing grant funds for various projects. The lack of a current income study results in immediate rejection of grant applications. Such studies are only good for five years and the Village’s last income study was conducted nine years ago.

The study will be conducted by Poggemeyer Design Group of Defiance with original surveys being sent through the mail. If the amount of returned surveys is insufficient to draw an accurate summary or residents’ income, further survey work may be conducted via a door to door study also conducted by Poggemeyer Design Group.
Passing under second reading was Ordinance 2015-14, which would amend the codified ordinances of the Village to allow for an increase of water deposits from $75 to $125. The final reading of the ordinance is slated for Council’s next meeting on June 11.

Resolution 05-2015-05 was passed under emergency language and allows for a request of the Williams County Auditor to certify the total current tax valuation of the subdivision and the dollar amount revenue pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 5705.03(B). This measure is related to the 1 mil renewal levy for the park.

Ordinances 2015-08 and 2015-09 also passed under emergency language, both related to changes in the shut off of water services due to a leak. With a previous ordinance being passed that would allow for Village Administrator Ric Beals to have to certify the leak’s repair. The new ordinances will, instead, move the procedures for shut offs into the water manual.

Additionally an ordinance was passed to allow for the updating of the Codified Ordinances to keep current with all new ordinances passed.

Aside from his announcement dealing with an income study, Village Administrator Ric Beals also informed council that:

Solid Rock Church will soon be pouring concrete in their parking lot. The concrete lot will come clear to the road.

Big trash pick up has been on-going and has been larger than normal. Beals and others all gave thanks to Village Employees for their efforts in the project this year.

Nature Works and CDBG grant applications have been finished and submitted. $30,000 in CDBG funds have been received and will be used towards Phase III of the E. Jackson Street Project.

Millcreek West Unity 4th graders paid a visit to the water treatment plant and the wastewater treatment plant and asked a lot of great questions.

A motion to approve $300 worth of donations from Mayor Peg Bernath and Councilman Randy Mahlman was approved during Fiscal Officer Kim Grime’s report. The funds will be used towards cabinetry at the Kissell Building. Grime additionally reported that she has received a scholarship to attend the Ohio Association of Public Treasurers Training the week of June 8.

Council and Village Officials would additionally like to remind residents that the Tree City U.S.A. ceremonies will take place in West Unity in 2016. Anyone who might be interested in volunteering their services or efforts leading up to or during the festivities are encouraged to notify any Village Official.

The next meeting of the West Unity Village Council will be held Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM in council chambers.

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