West Unity Area Chamber Of Commerce Makes Final Preparations For Gathering

IMG_0090.JPGMembers of the West Unity Area Chamber of Commerce met on June 1 at 7:00 PM to make final preparations for the Gathering in West Unity held on June 5 and June 6. All members were present for the meeting.

Minutes of the May 4 meeting gained approval, which was followed by a report from Treasurer Pat Burkholder. It was reported that she had sent out 40 dues reminders and that 4 had been returned. The current balance of the Chamber’s account at the time of the report was $1598.10 with approximately $0.39 in savings interest. It was also reported that an adjustment was made to the insurance cost and that insurance will now be $217.00 per month instead of $242.00. The report was approved as presented.

In relation to the Gathering, it was noted that rides have been approved for the 2016 event and that a place has been selected to set the rides up. President Al Bennett thanked the members who attended the meeting with the tractor club in this regard and who gave their input and support.

In regards to shopping for supplies for the Gathering, it was reported that the shopping trip resulted in 88.3 miles round trip. The board approved reimbursement of gas mileage. It was also noted that Brookview supplied the chickens and that MoJo’s supplied the potato salad with the agreement to charge the same price as Brookview had quoted.

It was also noted that totes were purchased in order to store supplies due to a leak in the storage unit.
Larry Long took care of supplying ice, chairs, dinner rolls, and buns. Pat Burkholder filed the food license at a cost of $55.00. The town assisted with the placement of the picnic tables. A wood pellet grill rented from HalMark Rental at a cost of $125.00 was used this year.

A problem with the car show did occur this year as the ball diamond was not available due to new seeding. Rich and Kathy Merillat looked the park over and found an appropriate area for the year. It was noted that this may be the last year for the car show with the addition of rides in 2016. Alternative parking was stressed as something to be considered in upcoming years.

The next meeting of the West Unity Area Chamber of Commerce will be held Monday July 6 at 7:00 PM.


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