West Unity Boy Scout Justin Wiyrick Shares Recent Camp Experience

IMG_3517 WEBHello, my name is Justin Wiyrick from West Unity Boy Scout Troop 669. We recently went on a campout to Lakewood Village Resort in Wapakeneta, Ohio. We learned how to prepare different foods to eat at each meal. We also worked on using the EDGE method to teach different knots. We taught a younger scout how to tie several knots such as the square knot, bow line, timber hitch, and many others along with learning lashings. On this campout we learned how to properly hold and use an axe, hatchet, and pocket knives. Then we learned how to make a fire so that our younger scouts could earn their totin’ chip and firem’n chit. At the end of the day we went swimming, played putt putt golf, relaxed in the hot tubs, and played a lot of fun games.

We all ended up having a lot of fun as usual on this campout. This was all in only a three day campout! Our troop meets on Tuesdays at the American Legion in West Unity at 7pm. Please come out and join us if you are interested in joining scouts you will have a lot of fun and learn valuable life skills along with making lots of friends.

Justin Wiyrick ASPL
West Unity Boy Scout Troop 669
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