West Unity Chamber Of Commerce Looks Forward To 2015 Events

VR LOGO - WEBThe February West Unity Area Chamber of Commerce Board meeting was called to order on Monday, February 2, 2015 with 10 of 14 of the directors present. Two guests, Eagle Scout Justin Wiyrick and his mother, were also in attendance.

Wiyrich addressed the Board about an upcoming project he will be working on at Walbash Park and thank the Board for approving the materials that were purchased at Peltcs Lumber. Wiyrich noted that, due to the weather conditions, he has yet to have those materials delivered but hopes to have that done soon. The target completion date for the project is the end of summer and the Board Wiyrich know that they would like to do a celebration announcement when he is done and ready to deliver the projects.

The Business and Member Services reported during the meeting that the 2015 Membership Drive is in full swing and that there has been a great response to the applications sent out. More membership plaques as well as 2015 tags will be ordered from Hit Trophy.

Old business brought before the Board included the Gun Raffle fundraiser. The Board discussed the viability of the fundraiser and then voted to start a committee for the project, with Lindsey Smith volunteering as Chairman. Movie Night and doing a fun family project sponsored by the Chamber was also once again brought to the discussion table. The Board will be working with the school to continue on these plans for a possible event date.

It was also reported that Gathering Days 2015 flyers were handed out and that there are already a lot of events planned. It is hoped that the early advertising with the flyers will help to draw a large crowd.

New business brought before the Board included the review of the suggestion made by the Fair Board about volunteering at the gates during the Williams County Fair. Due to the Chamber’s commitment to having a success fair booth at the fair, the Board elected to decline.

The Board also learned during the meeting that many new lights and decorations have been purchased for the next Christmas season. Minutes of the January 5th Board meeting, as well as the reports presented by Treasurer Pat Burkholder, were both approved at the meeting.


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