West Unity Council To Double Up On Meeting For WWTP Project

The looming Waste Water Treatment Plant project will force the West Unity Village Council to meet twice a month at the end of this summer.

The project will likely require a lot of change orders and those need to addressed quickly, Mayor Peg Bernath said, about why the meeting schedule had to change. The change will not occur until a contract has been signed, she said.

Council will then meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

The council approved Ordinance 2017-3R 2017 revised appropriations and waived the three readings.

The WWTP project and the East Jackson Street project led the appropriations being revised.

The general fund saw an increase of $12,000 to $701,615. This was mostly due to $15,000 check the village had to send to the state treasurer to allow the Ohio EPA to look at the plans for the Waste Water Treatment Plant project.

The state is pleased with how far along the village is on project. The state will refund the money to the village after the project is completed.

“They were here laying stuffed out,” Fiscal Officer Kim Grime said. “They’ve got every month planned out for us.

“(Only) if we don’t get any contractors, it’s going to happen.”

“They want to bump us up to August,” Administrator Joshua Fritsch said. “You never know with contractors.”

The state would like to do it even sooner, because it would allow for any touch-ups of the contractor’s work, Fritsch said. The mood of the EPA officials suprised him.

“I am not used to the EPA being so nice,” Fritsch said. “These ladies were really nice.”

“Honestly, they really want this to happen and don’t want anything to go wrong.”

The three contractors at the March 9 meeting received high praise from Poggemeyer, Mayor Peg Bernath said.

The Capital Projects Fund saw an increase of $136,500 for a total of $541,500. The added money comes from pass-throughs for the East Jackson Street project and $24,433 for the parks, Grime said.

Council also approved:
Third reading Ordinance 2017-1 allowing the Police Chief to donate unclaimed property to non-profit organizations.

The first reading of Ordinance 2017-6 which will not require a sidewalk in front of new homes that have no contiguous walks to connect with.

Approved Resolution 03-2017-06 which calls for the Board of Elections to place a renewal of a 5-mill levy on the ballot in the fall. The renewal is being sought because the revenues collected from the 10-mill limitation is not sufficient for the village to operate.

The renewal would extend the levy through 2022.

Council member Donovan Leu opposed the proposal saying there was a need when the levy was first approved, but now revenues are such there is always a $100,000 carryover each year.

Mayor Bernath said while that may be so, it should be up to the voters to decide and isn’t is nice to have a cushion and a carry-over especially when some line items do not.

The village will commence the large trash pickup May 15, Fritsch said. Residents should have their refuse out by May 15. Residents should have their refuse out by May 15. The truck will make one pass of each home.

The Safety Committee won approval to:

Donate the Police Department’s Impala to Four County Career Center. The car has no value and it would cost more to advertise than it’s worth.

Place yield signs at Church and Venture and Egley and Oak.

Fiscal Officer and Clerk Grime said the annual Tree City banquet is May 3.

Grime asked for a true market value to be placed on the former village offices. The new value will be placed on the building for one year, she said.

Council agreed on a revised value of $45,000.

Council will meet in special session at 6 p.m. March 28 to review an auction of property. The Finance Committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. and the Street Committee will meet after the council meeting.

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