West Unity Gathering Opens With Miss West Unity Pageant 2015


6-5-15 Miss WU pageant (AW) (211) WEBBy: Angi Walkup

Another year, another successful Miss West Unity pageant. 26 lovely young ladies were vying for the title in their respective categories, with a new addition of Tiny Miss West Unity this year. In a tropical rainforest theme this year, a faux waterfall with palm trees helped bring the evening alive with the dancing, hula hooping, singing and gorgeously dressed ladies.

Set in the Hilltop school commons, the evening opened with dance arrangements performed by the young ladies to showcase their poise, talents and grace. As the summer wear, introductions and interview portions of the evening were complete, all 26 ladies changed quickly into their evening wear gowns. Escorted by their fathers and grandfathers, each lovely young lady gracefully ambled across the stage with hopeful smiles of earning the title in their category.

Crowned as winners in their respective category are Demi Hancock, Tiny Miss West Unity; Gabrielle Rodriguez, Little Miss West Unity; Zoi Bauer, Junior Miss West Unity and Sydni Rivera, Miss West Unity. 1st Runners-up were Nayah Rodriguez, Tiny Miss runner-up; Matayvia VanZile, Little Miss runner-up; Mackenzi Rivera, Junior Miss runner-up and Katrina Gonzales, Miss runner-up.

Tiny Miss Summerwear winner: Demi Hancock
Tiny Miss Personality winner: Demi Hancock
Little Miss Congeniality winner: Addison Whitman
Junior Miss Congeniality winner: Tori Bauer
Miss Congeniality winner: Emma Dill
Tiny Miss Photogenic winner: Kalleigh Haynes
Little Miss Photogenic winner: Gabrielle Rodriguez
Junior Miss Photogenic winner: Kayleen Jennings
Miss Photogenic Winner: Sydni Rivera
Little Miss Interview winner: Addison Whitman
Junior Miss Interview winner: Tori Bauer
Miss Interview winner: Sydni Rivera
Little Miss Directors award winner: Arianna Haynes
Junior Miss Directors Award winner: Haylee Sexton
Miss Directors Award winner: Emma Dill
Miss Talent winner: Katrina Gonzales

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