West Unity Man Answers Call To Serve On Village Council

A former school board member has now become a member of the West Unity Village Council.

Steve Marvin was sworn in to fill the vacancy created when Randy Mahlman resigned to become the community’s Water and Sewer Superintendent. Marvin, a 62-year-old retired railroad worker, has lived in the village since 1978.

Marvin said he decided to serve after being asked if he had any interest in the position. He decided he did and agreed to take on the duties.

“I have no agenda,” Marvin said. “I want to do my part; it’s interesting.”

Marvin will fill out Mahlman’s term and he has been appointed to all the same committees the former councilman was on. He will be listening and learning while getting his bearings.

“I have got to get my feet on the ground before I can see what’s going on,” Marvin said. “I am not afraid of asking questions.”

Marvin said he has spoken to Mahlman about the council position and responsibilities and is glad to have Mahlman on staff.

“It is fortunate that Randy works for us,” Marvin said. “We have a good rapport.”

Marvin, who lives in town with his wife of nearly 10 years Sharon, wants to be part of the team and help to move the community forward.

“I have no axe to grind,” Marvin said.

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