West Unity Residents Urged To Complete Income Study

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During his report at the July 9 West Unity Village Council meeting, Village Administrator Ric Beals residents whom have received an income study from Poggemeyer to complete the study. At the time of the meeting only 150 of the needed 300 responses had been received. If enough responses are not received, a door to door effort will begin on July 23 to help compile the necessary responses. The study is being done as a measure to help secure future grants and other funding.

Beals also officially submitted his letter of resignation during the meeting. He will be stepping down from his role as the Village’s Administrator effective September 18, 2015 in order to take a position as a pastor in Cut Bank, Montana. Such a position has been a lifelong dream for Beals, whose wife also received a job offer from a Regional Health Network in the same area.

In his letter , Beals explains “Our family wasn’t looking to move away from West Unity at all, Montana actually came looking for us” and that he and his wife “are excited about this great adventure and are looking forward to being nestled in at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We have a lot to be proud of in our little community here in West Unity and I am very thankful to have been a small part of the continued work to make West Unity a great place to live, to work, and to raise a family.”

Additionally, Beals informed council that:

•Belson Paving out of Reading, Michigan did the patchwork on Pine Street and that the west corner is in much better condition now.

•To qualify for grants and/or government loans for the wastewater plant, a plan that surveys the village’s plant and specific needs must be done. Similar to the income study, failure to have the study done would most likely result in a loss of funding. Poggemeyer has agreed to perform the survey for a fee not to exceed $8900. Council unanimously agreed to a motion to continue with having the study arranged.

•The historic amount of rain this month has led to a lot of flooding and that he is grateful that the community has been knowledgeable enough to understand that it’s been impossible for the storm drainage to keep up. Beals thanked the community for their understanding as the whole community has worked to deal with the ramifications of all of the moisture this summer.

In her report to council, Fiscal Officer Kim Grime informed council that the big trash pick-up was quite costly this year. At a price of $2,773, the cost exceeded the annual budget for big trash pick-ups by $1000. Council, not wanting to have to cancel the fall pick up, will be looking to re-appropriate funds for the fall pick up.
Grime additionally reported that:

•The Park Levy Resolution has been turned in to the Board of Elections and that she is just waiting to hear from them on the inspection of the language.

•Two CDs were up for renewal. Council agreed to renew the CDs held by Farmers and Merchants State Bank for an additional 18 months at the current interest rate.

•The Ohio Public Treasurer’s Training was excellent. Grime thanked council for allowing her to attend and noted that she will be receiving 22 CPIMs toward what the State Auditor’s Office requires her to have. Grime will also be attending the Ohio Municipal Clerks Training July 20-22 to continue earning CPIMs.

•Deputy Clerk Katie Baltosser will be attending classes to learn about the new tax laws and will hopefully be able to bring back sample Ordinances dealing with such laws.

Grime additionally asked for and received approval for donations from Mayor Peggy Bernath and Councilman Randy Mahlman towards cabinets for the Kissell Building.

The only legislative matter to come before council was Resolution 07-2015-07, A Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor. The Resolution is annual housekeeping measure.

The next meeting of the West Unity Village Council will be held Thursday, August 13 at 7:30 PM in council chambers.

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