West Unity Three Arts Club Hosts An Election Day Supper


Bigger cities might have conducted bigger gatherings, but none resonated with the small town community spirit of the Election Day Supper hosted at the West Unity Presbyterian Church by the West Unity Three Arts Club on the afternoon of November 8.

For a freewill donation, attendees were given a choice of chili, hot dogs or chicken sandwiches in the non-partisan setting of the Presbyterian Church. The day reflected sharp political differences at the polling places, but those divisions were put aside in favor of the longstanding tradition of small town America…neighbors breaking bread with neighbors.

Since its inception in 1952, the West Unity Three Arts Club, in the words of President Melanie Burrowes, is a social group whose fundraising purpose is to, “…raise funds for the betterment of the community. We do not have specific purposes for the funds that we raise; it all goes back into the community. We typically donate to scholarships, and whatever the community might need. We have people randomly come to us and as for help with specific projects. It’s not always the same thing; it may be something different from year to year. It’s all community based though…everything goes back into the community. For example, we always have a fund drive every November for the local food pantry. This supper is the first time that we’ve tried something like this. It was sort of a last minute thing.”

For a last minute type of project, the event was well attended, and as previously stated, any political differences were checked at the door of the church. While the bigger cities opted for protests, riots, violence and division, the small town of West Unity, Ohio, following the lead of the Three Arts Club, showed that despite a contentious election, the sense of community still reigns supreme.

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