West Unity To Receive 27th Tree City U.S.A. Award

Mayor Peggy Bernath informed members of the West Unity Village Council that West Unity will once again be honored as a Tree City U.S.A.  The award is scheduled to be given on April 9, 2014 in Kenton and several council members are considering attendance.  The award is one that all members of the council and village employees take much pride in.

Prior to Mayor Bernath’s report, council also heard from Village Administrator Ric Beals.  Beals informed council that the village is already starting to look for trees to plant this spring as well as that he is looking into a grant that may provide for repaving the lot behind the Village Office.  Beals also commented on the on-going weather and the how hard village employees have worked to keep up with the clearing of snow from the roadways, the opening up of drains to give water a place to run during melts, and the water line breaks that have occurred due to the freezing.  Beals also extended his gratitude to the West Unity Police Department, commenting that “They’ve help out whenever we’ve asked and at times without asking.”

This gratitude towards the West Unity Police Department was also extended by several council members who commented on the performance of Police Chief J.R. Jones and who remarked that they have heard many positive comments, from people both within West Unity and people from neighboring towns, on the job that Jones has done regarding security.

It was also reported during the meeting that Beals as well as Fiscal Officer Becky Thatcher will be completing training during the week of May 3.  Thatcher will serve as the proxy for several others to meet the requirement of attending a records retention meeting in their first year of office.

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