West Unity Village Council Adopts Williams County 2013 Mitigation Plan

After hearing from the Deputy Director Williams County 9-1-1/EMA, Don Bulla, members of the West Unity Village Council unanimously agreed to suspend the rules and adopt the Williams County 2013 Mitigation Plan on first reading. The plan, which has been in the works since 2011, addresses the natural disasters and events most likely to occur in the area that may result in loss of life and property, economic hardship, and threats to public health and safety. In the event that one of the addressed events, which include blizzards and tornados, should occur, the plan then would allow the village to seek out federal funds for assistance.

Other legislative matters brought before council included Resolution 08-2013-05, which authorizes Village Administrator Ric Beals to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital and/or Local Transportaion Improvement Programs and to execute any contracts as required. Because the Village of West Unity is planning to make capital improvements to the East Jackson Waterline and because the infrastructure improvement is considered to be a priority need for the community that is a qualified project under the OPWC programs, the passage of the resolution will allow Beals to apply for any available funds to assist in the cost of making the improvements. Due to the necessity of Beals to be able to quickly apply for the funds the resolution was passed on emergency. The resolution was also limited to $175,000 in order for the village to show matching funds.

While Beals himself was absent for the regular meeting, he did submit his report in advance to council, reporting that work continues on several projects within the village. The polymer injection/Geo Bag sludge operation is now up and running at the sewer plant is working well. Jim Eisel has fixed the storm sewer grate on Oak St. in front of the Kamco building and is working on obtaining parts to fix the one in front of Farmers and Merchants StateBank. M&M Asphalt has begun addressing problems with the recent chip and seal work. The severe weather warning siren continues to keep popping a breaker when activated. Mohre Electronics will be looking into the problem. Creighton Electric has also been in and is assisting with the sizing of a generator for the town hall with the hope that a less expensive residential generator can be used to fit the village’s needs.
Other reports given to council included Village Solicitor, Ryan Thompson’s, report that he is continuing to work within the legal system to have certain properties earmarked for demolition. However, due to federal liens placed on one of the buildings, the process is likely to be long and complicated.

Mayor Peggy Bernath also reminded council and the public at large that EMT classes will soon be beginning. The classes will run from October through April with classes from 6:00-8:00 PM on Mondays and Thursdays at the EMS office. Cost is $725 with $125 due upon registration. Anyone interested should contact Connie Brigle or Jim Hicks at the EMS office.

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