West Unity’s Kamco Industries Receives Awards From Honda For Excellence In Delivery & Value

Kamco 1 WEBSeveral Kamco employees and members of the West Unity community were on hand on Wednesday, July 23 to take part in and witness Kamco Industries receipt of a double award from Honda. The West Unity location received a double award for Excellence in Delivery and Excellence in Value.

Honda NA Cost Planning Department Senior Manager Mike Lapham explained that Honda uses over 650 different suppliers and holds a supplier conference annually to go over Honda’s expectations from their suppliers. Of those 650 suppliers, only a total of 82 awards were given out to suppliers. Including the awards given to Kamco, a total of 5 of the awards were awarded to facilities that form Kumi North America. Lapham expressed his belief that this illustrates both an innovative corporation as well as one willing to share information and technologies with one another.

In his opening remarks, Kamco’s Vice President of Sales and Engineering, Kevin Chase, commented on the awards being due to a combined effort of every employee at every level of the facility as well as to continued support throughout the community.

West Unity Mayor Peg Bernath commented during the ceremony as well, noting that Honda was finding out what residents of West Unity has known all along – that Northwest Ohio is made up of a lot of great people who take a great deal of pride in their work. Members of the West Unity Village Council, Village Administrator Ric Beals, and Police Chief J.R. Jones were also on hand to congratulate Kamco on the receipt of the award.

Kamco Industries, who currently employs 520 individuals, is now the largest employer within Williams County and, with current and up and coming expansion problems in the works, the facility intends to keep growing, continue with their high level of performance, and to keep with their continuous community support.

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