West Unity’s Kamco Receives Excellence In Quality Award

By: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

Honda Motor Company sought to honor one of its best parts producers when it offered its Excellence in Quality Award to Kamco Industries.

The West Unity-based plant has achieved this feat before, receiving the award several years in a row. Yet, their continued display of hard work and high quality production never ceases to impress. This year, out of six-hundred and eighty suppliers to the automotive giant, Honda handed out just thirty-one such awards throughout their North American domain.

“This is an award that we are truly grateful and take very seriously,” claimed Kevin Chase, master of ceremonies.

In addition to being honored for the quality of their parts, Kamco also received recognition for their Excellence in Performance for Service. This was earned by maintaining one-hundred percent on time delivery for six consecutive years.

Chase took the time to recognize the various members of the Kamco executive team for accepting reassignments and new positions at the conclusion of the company’s fiscal year last March. Those members included Allan Benien, Senior Vice President, Arnold Ledford, Assistant Vice President, Lisa Woodring, Assistant Vice President, and Ted Enomoto, Assistant Vice President. He also took a moment to acknowledge Hideomi Kobayashi, who, after eight years of serving as president of the company, will be moving on to the role of Chairman. He was replaced by Yukihiro Kori in June.

Presenting the award was Honda East Liberty assembly plant Mass Production Quality Unit Manager Scott Clayton. The Honda representative was quick to spread credit for the award.

“Today’s award is the result of the hard work of your entire team.”

He then presented the award to Kamco Assistant Vice Presidents Woodring and Ledford. Afterward, Clayton stressed what it means to Honda to be able to place such high quality parts in their vehicles.

“There is no better way to honor our customers than to offer them the highest quality of parts possible.”

Next to speak was West Unity Mayor Peggy Bernath. Speaking on behalf of the village, she made it abundantly clear that the entire community Is pleased with the success of Kamco.

“We’re proud of the fact that you go above and beyond, that you don’t settle for mediocre.”

Bernath also echoed Clayton’s sentiment that everyone share in the responsibility of producing a quality product.

“It doesn’t take just one or two of you, but it takes the whole bunch.”

True to the level of efficiency many have come to expect from Kamco, the award ceremony lasted just fifteen minutes. But, for those employed by the Kumi North America Associates facility, those fifteen minutes represented the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

And that will likely continue to be an honor for them next year as well.

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