Williams Board Of Commissioners OKs Upgrades To EMS Building

By: James Pruitt

The Williams County Board approved the following resolutions Sept. 8:
The sale of a 2007 conversion van to Paulding County for $22,500.
Hired Angela Johnson as fiscal officer for Jobs and Family Services. Her first day is Sept. 12 and she will start at $21.63 an hour.
Approved the registration and agreement from GeneSight Long-Term Care for comprehensive neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomics testing at Hillside Country Living. The testing will not cost the county any money as it processed through Medicare. The agreement runs from Sept. 1 until it is terminated.
Approved a change order for work at the EMS building for a total of $13,040. The scope of the work includes:
-Replace existing heating system with new units due to deterioration, $8,490.
-Add membrane under VCT – Partee Flooring, $2,600.
-Remove concrete slab on west side of building, $1,500.
-Replace door that was to be relocated with a new passage door to the east end of building. Difference of deleting the wood interior for steel exterior door, $450.
-The changes increase the contract to $402,760.
Approved a schedule of protection from Habitat Security for a fee not to exceed $7,320. The work includes
-13 smoke detectors
-2 R + R heat detectors
-4 zone expanders
-1 manual pull station
-Overhead door contact
-Infra-red motion detector

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