Williams County Board Approves Helper In IT Specialist Search

By: James Pruitt

The board approved an independent contractor agreement with Greg Slattery to assist it in hiring a new IT specialist. The contractor will provide services in creating a job description, job advertisement and advising which publications the ad will appear.

The contractor will review resumes, conduct interviews and submit a list of three to four candidates to the commissioners and the Data Board.

The consultant’s fee is $75 an hour and will not exceed $2,000.

The Board approved a change order for the Main Street project in Montpelier.

The changes involve sawing concrete at the curb, installing a 6-inch underdrain and a Type F Storm Sewer. The changes raise the cost of the project by $1,963.35 to $660,821.

The board approved quotes for increasing fire protection at Hillside Country Living .

The quotes from Shambaugh and Sons LP include

$3,000 overhang by the Activity Family Room;

$2,476.47 for two overhangs by the kitchen area;

$2,200 for overhang by Anna’s entrance.

The board received an application to repair the tile obstruction to a ditch near County Road M.50.

Jefferson Township resident Kimberly Finch submitted the application. The projected cost is $3,982.51.

The board received an update on a request from the Community Hospital and Wellness Center of Bryan for assistance in reducing the tax liability to refinance its debt.

Interest rates are rising and the hospital wants to use the respective $10 million value of the county and city’s tax exemption to buy down the interest rate. The bank doing the refinancing would see its tax bill reduced.

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