Williams County Board Oks Computer Purchase; Extends Ditch Hearing For 60 Days

The Board of Williams County Commissioners met March 23 and approved the following resolutions.
–17-115 A proposal from MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc. for the purchase of new computers and related equipment as discussed in session March 9 at a cost not to exceed $10,135.00. Don Bulla, Deputy Director for the Williams County EMA/911, submitted the proposal.
–17-116 Approve Pay Application 2 and Change Orders 3, 4 and 5 – East Jackson Street Waterline and Storm Sewer Replacement submitted by Dennis Miller of Maumee Valley Planning Organization. The total for these change orders is $7,642.33. Commissioners approved Resolution 16-0451 Oct. 13, 2016, the agreement for the East Jackson Street Waterline and Storm Sewer Replacement Project West Unity in the amount of $166,053.50. Change Order #3 is for an additional 57 pounds of limestone needed to support and protect existing 8-inch Storm Sewer not shown on prints and has an increase of $4,038.46. Change Order 4 is to install an 8 x 6 dustile tee with a 6-inch gate valve supplied by the village to allow bacteria and pressure testing before final connection and has an increase of $1,789.90. Change Order 5 if for connection of an existing 6-inch water main into valve after testing was complete. This water line was an unknown at start of construction and has an increase of $1,813.97. The contract total including these change orders will be $218,195.83, and the pay application #2 is for $52,142.33.
–17-117 A transfer of funds was approved to cover costs of a build-out for the Sheriff’s Office. The board approved a transfer of $12,634 from the general fund on Jan. 12. Since then the sheriff has received two donations that were placed in the Sheriff’s Special Fund B48: Bryan American Legion in the amount of $400 and Bryan’s Get-N-Go Mart in the amount of $45.19.
The board also authorized the county auditor to make transfers from the Unappropriated funds to the Captial Assets-Vehicles funds. These transfers are in the amounts of $12,188.81 and $445.19.
In addition, the board authorized some additional transfers. $1250 will be transferred from the Williams County Commissioners Contingencies fund to the department’s Enterprise Zone Payments fund. $45.11 will be transferred from the Williams County Hillside Country Living Unappropriated fund to the department’s Unemployment fund.
The commissioners continued the first hearing on Single County Ditch #733 petitioned for by Ronald Huffman for a period of 60 days. The hearing is now scheduled for 11 a.m. on May 15.
The petition was brought for a hearing March 20. The board decided to continue the meeting after beginning the first hearing, and after hearing on good cause shown in order to allow time for the ground in the affected area to dry out, to allow for equipment to be brought in, and to allow the petitioner and other landowners the opportunity to meet with Brian Fritsch, Williams County Drainage Engineer, to discuss options for the petitioned project.

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