Williams County Board OKs Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Board of Williams County Commissioners met May 1 and conducted the following business:

Resolution 17-0151 the commissioners approved a request submitted by Job and Family Services Executive Director Fred Lord April 20, to allow Jane Yahraus to carryover 100 hours of vacation time.

Resolution 17-0154 the board accepted the resignation of Pamela Johnson, Eligibility Referral Supervisor 1.  Johnson’s resignation (retirement) is effective June 30.

Resolution 17-0149 the board approved an RLF Loan Agreement between Delta Juliet Tactical and Williams County for $20,000.

Resolution 17-0152, the approval of nominations for the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Don A. Bulla, information coordinator for the Williams County Local Emergency Planning Committee submitted a letter April 28 to the Commissioners stating:  Ohio SERC is requesting a listing of nominations to be appointed for membership on the LEPC for our County.  This will cover the period of April 27, 2017, through April 27, 2019.

The board will have the following people: Fire Hazmat-Bruce Siders, Fire Hazmat-Doug Pool, Law-Steve Towns, Elected Official-Brian Davis, Emergency Management-Dawn Baldwin, Emergency Management-Don Bulla, Hospital-Mike Culler, Hospital-Joe Schlosser, First Aid-Jim Hicks, First Aid-Catherine Reed, Health-Jim Watkins, Health-Michael Schultz, Environmental-Brad Price, Transportation-Todd Roth, Media-Jean Wise, Community Group-Jim Walker, Industry-Darin Thorp, Other-Dail Fritsch.

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