Williams County Board President, Wife See Trump’s Inauguration

Williams County was represented at the inauguration of Donald Trump with the presence of a County Commissioner.

Board President Lewis Hilkert and his wife traveled to the nation’s capital for the festivities Jan. 20. This was the first inauguration Hilkert has attended.

Hilkert, who initially supported Marco Rubio, said he admires Trump for getting the votes from a large segment of people normally not heard at the polls. Trump’s victory meant overcoming several obstacles, he said.

“He took on the establishment and prevailed,” Hilkert said. “He took on the media and prevailed.”

Hilkert expects Trump’s economic policies to result in a higher rate of growth than what the nation experienced under Obama. The growth will mean more tax revenues and a lower national debt, he said.

This will mean more resources to enhance the country, Hilkert said.

While some have been critical of the president-elect, the commissioner prefers to give some latitude to allow him a chance to bring people together.

“We can march the country forward together,” Hilkert said.

Hilkert said his tickets came through Congressman Latta’s office.

“I visited Congressman Latta’s office for an open house Thursday,” Hilkert said. “I saw a portion of the parade before we visited family in Pennsylvania.”

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