Williams County Can’t Help Fair Board With Goat Barn

Shrinking revenues are preventing the Williams County Board of Commissioners from helping the Fair Board with money for a new goat barn.

Fair Board President Dave Page came to the board at its Feb. 23 meeting to make the request. The commissioners would like to help, but their hands are tied by the tight budget the county has to face.

The fair has raised $23,000 so far and has a $50,000 grant from the state. The fair needs to raise another $27,000 to have enough money to get the new barn built and the barn razed, Page said.

The commissioners suggested he go to area businesses to see if they would contribute. Lewis Hilkert suggested the fair propose to the businesses to give their support over three years in the same way it did when it built the horse barn.

“You can borrow if there is a shortfall,” Hilkert said. “I would check with those businesses and businesses that buy animals at the fair.

When those contacts are made, then come back to us.”

The county can give the fair the $3,300 budgeted for supplies.

The fair board will send out for bids in the first of April and hopes to get construction going by May, Page said.

“We are still in the campaign stage,” Page said.

The key will be getting companies to pledge their support and for the community to get involved, Hilkert said.

Thanks to the federal government eliminating sales taxes on medical equipment, the county will lose $200,000 in revenues this year and $400,000 in 2018. The county won’t know where it stands until June or July.

“Let us ponder and see if we can’t contribute,” Commissioner Brian Davis said.

In other news, the bids for improvements to Norlick Drive in Norlick Subdivision were opened.

The engineer’s estimate was $230, 630.50 and the bids ranged from $174,000 to $210,000.

17-82 Approved an amendment to the original agreement with Beamont Heating and Cooling for the South Annex of the Jobs and Family Service basement HVAC system at a cost not to exceed $1,500. The work includes replacing the non-functioning controller and install new wiring, relays, change over sensors and one new air damp actuator.

17-83 Accepted and awarded the bid for asphalt emulsion to K-Tech Specialty Coatings.

17-84 Appointed Ryan S. Thompson, Esq., as special prosecuting attorney to assist in any matter of public business coming before the Williams County Treasurer to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

17-85 Approving to enter an equitable sharing agreement and certification on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office

17-86 Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding between Hillside Country Living the county’s Communications Agency to use Language Line Services via the Communications Agency subscriptions at a cost not to exceed $3.50 per minute for Spanish and $4 per minute for all other languages.

17-88 Approving the application and judgment entry to appoint Mark R. Weaver, Esq., from the law firm Issac, Wiles, Burkholder and Teetor as special prosecuting attorney to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest that may exist.

Approved the permit request for use of the courthouse lawn by the Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce for the Fall Fest Sept. 23 and the Farmers Market on the north side of the courthouse square from Tuesday, May 18 through Thursday, Oct. 26.

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