Williams County Commissioners Adjust County Funds For 2017

The Williams County Board of Commissioners met for its only meeting of the week Jan. 18 and took care of several pieces of business.

Board President Lewis Hilkert and Commissioner Terry Rummel were on hand to clear the legislative slate. Brian Davis was out of town.

The board approved:
Build-outs for two 2017 Ford Taurus All Wheel Drive Interceptors from Derrow Shirkey Ford Lincoln of Montpelier at a cost not to exceed $6,317 each.

An amended budget for the county’s Victims’ Assistance Program for 2017.

The following funds were increased:
Emergency Money, +$100 for a total of $300;

Printing, +$150 for a total of $300;

Seminars/training +$150 for a total of $1,500;

Supplies +$59.48 for a total $1,859.48

Travel/mileage decreased $76.20 for a new total of $163.80.

A change order for the Virtual Infrastructure Products of $2,210.83 for Cisco and HP SFP Modules.

Transfers of
-$261.50 for the Williams County Court of Common Pleas for magistrate fund-contract services.

-$2,500 for the Williams County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Court for Diversion/Mileage reimbursement;

-$73,000 for Program Administration/contract services.

The DETAC reports of the county prosecutor’s office and treasurer’s office.

The DETAC amount covers the salary, office equipment, postage, court costs and expenses related to collection of delinquent real estate and personal property taxes and filing for foreclosure.

The prosecutor’s office had:
-$33,497 appropriated for the office;
-$32,543 used by the end of the year;
-$26,000 compensation for two employees;
-$4,380 for Medicare, PERS and workmen’s comp;
-$387.50 for contract services.

The treasurer’s office:
-$40,167.51 Revenue collected through Nov. 30, 2016;
-$31.371 expenses;
-$7,100 estimated expenses;
-$33,000 estimated revenues 2017


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