Williams County Commissioners Approve Two Contracts In Short Meeting

The Board of Williams County Commissioners met briefly April 10, approving two resolutions.
Resolution 17-135 was approving a contract agreement amendment with K & P Medical Transport LLC. The board approved a contract Dec. 22, 2016,with K & P Medical Transport, LLC and approved the maximum amount payable to 180,000 Jan. 31. Vicki Blair of the Williams County Job & Family Services submitted April 6, to the board an amendment to the contract agreement with K & P Medical Transport, LLC, to amend the wording in Section IV Scope of Service 4.5.

Resolution 17-0136 approved an agreement of a retrospective rating plan with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio Workers’ Compensation Group. The CCAO Service Corporation submitted to the board a group retrospective rating plan agreement, April 3. The term of the agreement is from the date of execution and continuing and applicable to all rating periods beginning Jan. 1, 2018 and thereafter.

The board was to hear from Mike Kurvial about a new plan to outsource lab work for people covered by the county. Kurvial said he still needed to meet with Path Lab, which is in Bryan Community Hospital, and have the representatives from CEBCO and Anthem meet with Path Lab.
Commissioner Brian Davis inquired if Path Lab was aware they would be taking on the responsibility and thanked Kurvial for his work on the matter.

There should be an agreement ready in two weeks, he said.

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