Williams County Commissioners Fill Vacancies On Several Boards

ADAMHs Board March 27.

The county commissioners followed the request of CEO Les McCaslin to consider appointing Barbara Fisher to a four-year term on the Four County ADAMhs Board. This appointment would fill the unexpired term of Jim Watkins on the ADAMhs Board as the commissioner- appointed member of the board from Williams County. The term would be effective immediately and run through June 30, 2019.

The commissioners also appointed Tanya Robarge, to the Williams County Board of DD. She will fill the unexpired term of Tim Pickett.
Superintendent Deb Guilford of Williams County Board of DD submitted a recommendation to consider the appointment of Robarge. He will serve through Dec. 31, 2018.

The board also accepted the resignation of assistant custodian Zechariah Andres, effective March 24.

In other news, Todd Roth and Brian Fritsch appeared before the commissioners to provide an update on Ditch 732 in Springfield Township. Fritsch said the ditch had new tile installed last year by the township and Springfield wanted the ditch to be put under permanent maintenance. The county has consented. This means an additional $20 per parcel along the ditch. At the most, the county would assess $1,400, Fritsch said. “There may be years where we don’t collect,” he said.
The ditch is located east of the intersection of CR C and CR 24/25.
Fred Lord of Jobs and Family Services gave an update for his department. He brought along Social Services Administrator Anna Meyers and Supervisor Emily Moore.

Jobs and Family Services of Williams County will be placing about 200 pinwheels on the courthouse lawn by the fountain. The event will begin at 1 p.m. Thursday, March 30 to help raise awareness that April is Child Abuse Prevention in Ohio. Attendees are asked to wear blue.

The department is on track with its finances, Lord said. This comes as Lord reported Ohio is 50th when it comes to funding Child Protective Services. “Even if we doubled it, (Ohio) would still be dead last,” Lord said. There may be some low-level funding, but the state is not going to add to it, he said. “There won’t be extra money for opiates in Williams County,” Lord said.

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