Williams County Communities Updated On CDBG Funding; Bible Park To Receive New Shelter Roof

Representatives of several communities who are seeking funding for projects in their town received an update on how to secure CDBG money through Williams County.

Sandy Kessler, community development planner for Maumee Valley Planning Organization, talked for 20 minutes to the officials. Her purpose was to gain information about projects from last year and upcoming project for 2017-18 and two to five years out.

The meeting offered the local officials a chance to ask Kessler directly questions about issues in their respective communities and on what grants might be available.

Kessler also reminded the attendees the deadline for applying for CDBG funds was 4 p.m., April 5 at her office. The state is starting a two-year cycle, so local communities won’t be able to apply for CDBG funds again until 2019.

The main funding option is the Community Development grant. This is $150,000 for four projects the county receives through an allocation of federal funds through Ohio. MVPO Director Dennis Miller said the amount could be more.

Construction of the accepted projects will be completed from January 2018 through Dec. 31, 2019.

There are two statewide competitive grants: $500,000 for neighborhood revitalization and $300,000 for downtown revitalization.

MVPO will review all the applications submitted by the deadline and make recommendations to the Williams County Commissioners. The board will announce its recommendations at a second public hearing in June.

In other news, Engineer Todd Roth and his assistant Cody Frey presented requests for funding for improvements at George Bible Park and mercury reduction.

The park’s sign is beyond repair, Roth said.

“We will just go tear it down and get dimensions for a replacement,” Roth said.

The shelter, a gift from the Bible family in 1972, needs its roof replaced and some supports refurbished. The county was to have worked with the family on improvements, but that did not work out, Roth said.

The cost of a new metal roof is $1,000. Roth said. The county will accept donations at 419-636-2454, ext. 23.

The county will seek a variance on mercury levels, Roth said. The county is above the maximum set by the state, but since it is so costly to clean up ($10 million per pound), the state will grant variances in conjunction with an education campaign by the county, he said.

Frey said people could help by not dumping old paint down their drains or improperly dispose of thermometers and othe containers of the chemical.

Other ways the county will check is through stormwater discharge and naturally occurring mercury.

The county will mail out fliers to residents advising them what to do and not do.

The application to the state will likely yield a variance to the real (higher) levels, Frey said.

With the recent snowfall, Roth said the county snowplows are stocked with salt. The county could access another 200 tons, but that is not likely, he said.

Resolution 17-098
The Board of Williams County Commissioners approved the hiring of a part-time Home Delivery driver,
Maggie Fisher, executive director of Williams County Department of Aging recommended the hiring of Irl “Rex” Smith as a part-time Home Delivery Driver at the Montpelier Senior Center for Williams County Department of Aging.
Smith’s first working day would be March 15 and his rate of pay will be $8.50 hourly. His working hours would be 40 hours per pay period;

Resolution 17-099
The board accepted a proposal from the contractor working on the South Annex building.
March 10, Dean Beamont of Beamont Heating and Cooling, submitted to the commissioners a proposal concerning the South Annex Heat Pump 1, specifically, to remove and replace the refrigerant-leaking compressor in the rooftop heat pump condenser unit No.1 with a new factory compressor and new bi-directional drier and also install new refrigerant, in an amount not to exceed $4,057.

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