Williams County Dog Warden Seeks Increase In Dog Tag Fees

By: James Pruitt

Williams County dog owners may have to pay more for a tag next year if the Dog Warden gets her way.

Pam Stark is recommending the board approve a $2 increase in tag fees beginning next year. The board will discuss the matter Aug. 15 when its full complement is in attendance. Commission President Brian Davis did not appear supportive of an increase since the office is self-supporting now.
Stark was on hand to also present her quarterly report

The office received 14 dogs in May, of which five with Pit Bulls or mix. Three dogs were destroyed, five were rescued and five redeemed. The office collected $205 in fees.

In June, the office received 14 dogs, three of which were Lab Mix, two were French Mastiff. Eight dogs were rescued and six were redeemed. The office collected $225 in fees.

In July, the office received five dogs, two of which were Huskies. Three were rescued and two were redeemed. Fees collected were $85.

The office has collected $92,990 in dog license fees in 2016.

The commissioners also approved:

– the purchase of a 2013 Ford Transit Van for the IT Department for $16,518.

– A memorandum of understanding from Judge Steven Byrd and the Department of Aging to pay $250 for pre-court time and materials for trained volunteers to gather information before a declaration of incompetence and appointment of a guardian for a person under the age of 60. A $50 quarterly stipend will be paid for wards assigned a voluntary guardian.

– hiring of a head cook at the Montpelier Senior Center for 40 hours a week at $9 an hour.

-a new IT purchase procedure establishing county requirements for IT and telecommunications hardware, software and professional services.

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