Williams County Fair Board Holds Regularly Scheduled Meeting

QUEENLY WEBBy: Helen Elkins

The Williams County Fair Board met in their second session of the year last Thursday evening at 7pm.

The current computer tech sought to renew his contract with the Fair Board. His salary is $1,500 for 33 hours worked per year. He also gave an estimate for cellular antennas for the inside of the Gillette Building at $2,900 ($2,400 for the system and $500 to install). The estimate for two new computers for the ticket office was $300 each.

Taking her duties to heart, the reigning Fair Board Queen Kirby Miller opened up the floor with an announcement that she is currently trying to attend more board meetings and functions in order to become better acquainted with board members and members of the community.

Much of the conversation was focused around the upcoming 2015 Williams County Fair, items already in place and those still being finalized. The music groups are set, as well as the placement of rides, farm machinery, and antique tractors.

The parking concern was a hot topic for discussion. The security and parking committee want to make it safer for everyone and try getting people off the road quicker. They will also need volunteers to help with directing traffic, as the beef, rabbit, and maple shows fall on the same day.

Maintenance and upkeep on the fairground buildings was also brought into play. The awnings around the Thaman Building needs some repairs and the Gillette Building still needs some maintenance.

The update on the Reverse Raffle showed a total contribution, with Reverse Raffle winner Marvin Willibey donating back his $1,000 prize, of just shy $11,000. Reverse Raffle Chairman Chuck Wallace said that everyone worked together to make that night a success.

During executive session, the Board took action on the contract with attorney Ryan S. Breininger; he will continue on as attorney for the Fair Board and continue to oversee the legal paperwork.

Finally, addressing a former statement made in an article by The Village Reporter, Director Jeff Lehman wanted to confirm that the Coon Hunters moved out of Williams County into DeKalb County because it was closer for volunteers and that area offered more amenities, such as stores, restaurants, diners, etc. and not because of any adversity with the Fair Board.

The Williams County Fair Board meets every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Thaman Building. These meetings are open to the public, and the Board encourages public participation.

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