Williams County Fair Foundation Meets In Regular August Session

Thursday the 13th of August, 2015 the Williams County Fair Foundation met in regular session at 7:00pm in the Thaman Building on the Fair Grounds. Following the call to order, roll call found the 4 Officers, 3 Trustees and 7 members present for a total of 14.

Minutes of the regular July meeting was presented and approved. Treasurer report was also read and tabled until September. A motion was made and seconded to suspend debit card transactions until a receipt was located. Motion passed. In committee reports, we heard from Bob Crowe about the August 1st benefit for the Edon Florence Twp. Fire Dept. Turnout was lower than Bob had hoped for but overall the event was a success and Bob thanked Melanie Layman for her efforts and that of all the other volunteers, Al Goebel reported attendance was down for the Tractor Show but thanked Alan Bennett and his crew for a great breakfast on Saturday of the show. Committee Chairman Scott Carroll of concessions reported that the freezer was fixed for $40.00 and did not have to be replaced at this time.

In Old Business, the Board approved a donation of $90.00 towards the all-day volunteer work of a 4H group who helped with the Tractor Show. A sign-up sheet was passed around seeking volunteers for fair week to work on breakfast in the kitchen and concessions in the food trailer. It was moved Cindy McDonald and seconded by John McDonald to rescind a resolution from January that abolishes current membership requirements and that motion passed. Another motion was made John McDonald and seconded by Al Goebel to set a committee to develop new membership standards and report back to the board with suggestions. That motion passed. The President will assign Scott Carroll as Chairman, Deb Wilson as member, John McDonald as member and Leonard Ludwig as member to the new committee at the next meeting.

In “New Business” the President reported that flowers had been sent and he attended the viewing of our devoted volunteer Deanna Gipe who passed suddenly. The Historical Society has asked the Foundation to participate again in the Fall Festival set for October 17th. It was moved and seconded as well as passed to serve food during the Fall Festival with the Historical Society. President Bennett reported that he had started the process of a “Pepsi” account which will allow us better pricing and easier access to beverages for fair and other events. John McDonald made the motion to appoint Assistant Treasurer Carol Knepper to the position of Treasurer with Al Goebel seconding the motion. Motion passed.

Bob Crowe reported that the seals in the walk-in freezer were in need of emergent attention. A motion was made to set aside funds for the work and repair. That motion was seconded and passed. Another item of business was discussion about the Fair Foundation core board. Some thought we did not need 4 Trustee’s and it was also discussed that the Fairboard appointment of 1 Trustee should not have a right to vote at all. The newly developed Membership Committee can make recommendations to the Board about the structure of officers and trustee’s and voting privileges when they meet. Last item discussed was the press releases issued after each meeting. It was reported to the Board that the President will issue a press release after each meeting to the media partners so as to keep the public informed of our progress in achieving various goals all leading towards supporting the Fair and the Agriculture Society.

Trustee Leonard Ludwig moved to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Al Goebel. The motion passed and the next meeting will be held on Tuesday the 1st day of September so as to ensure we are ready for the 2015 Williams County Fair staring September 12.


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