Williams County Fair Foundation Seeking Volunteers For Fair

By: James Pruitt

Williams County Fair Foundation doesn’t know yet if they will be able to round up any volunteers to work at this year’s fair.

Foundation President John McDonald said at the group’s Aug. 11 meeting that he has not had success in finding people to step forward. Finances won’t all the foundation to pay for help this year, he said.

In other news,
The foundation has located two of its four missing roasters. The foundation has asked the Fair Board for help in locating the missing units.

The two units were found elsewhere on the fairgrounds. The foundation wants to find out who rented the building where the roasters were when they came up missing.

McDonald will meet with an attorney later this month to discuss various legal options for the foundation. He will report back in September.

A clerical error on a letter of intent put in question if a local 4-H group would get a donation from the foundation for the new goat barn. The letter intoned the club would have to submit receipts from the project before the foundation would give the money.

In July the foundation made a commitment of $2,000 to the Kidding Around 4-H Goat Club.

McDonald said the matter would be resolved.

The foundation decided to pay its commercial liability insurance on a quarterly basis until ownership of the Thaman Building kitchen is resolved.

The invoice for coverage would suggest the foundation has ownership, board member Bob Crowe said.

“If we don’t own it, we are not going to pay it,” Crowe said.

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