Williams County Fairgrounds Hosts Antique Tractor Show; Big Summer Weekends Continue


Montpelier Tractor Show-Cowboy Shoot 07-26-2014 MM 034 WEBMONTPELIER: July 27, 2014: It has been a very busy month at the Williams County Fairgrounds in Montpelier. Following up last weekend’s wildly successful Bean Days and Balloon Festival celebrations across town and on the fairgrounds, this past weekend featured the Williams County Antique Tractor Show on July 26 and July 27.

The Antique Tractor Show featured a wide variety of tractors and implements, from all different manufacturers, makes and models and from owners all across Northwest Ohio and beyond. Montpelier and Williams County’s agricultural heritage reaches back to the founding of the county, and the rapid advances in farming technology have been well documented by local farmers and collectors by preservation and restoration of some of the “old time” models. As they stand display now for our enjoyment, these beautiful and sometimes not so elegant machines were once alive year round plugging their way through the fields pulling a plow, cultivating and tending a farm. The different makes that were on display also highlighted what has always been a long running conversation on the rural roads and by neighboring farmers; some use Fords, always have and always will, others own only John Deere products and wouldn’t have it any other way. From Case Tractors to old Minneapolis Molines’, John Deere, International (H Series), Olivers, and most every other favorite brand, the displays were on site for the enjoyment of all.

The weekend also featured several other competitions and attractions: On July 26, the morning kicked off with an Antique Auction on the east side of the grounds, with a wide variety of items on the block, as well as the traditional Saturday morning pancake breakfast. Both the 26th and the 27th witnessed a number of tractor pulling events, (always a crowd favorite!), ranging from the garden tractor to the big powerful modified antique tractors.

Other events included a “Rib Fest,” several prize drawings and a number of merchant vendors, both outside and inside at the Gillette Building. Also running at the Horse Arena on the fairgrounds was the Williams County “Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition,” featuring 1800’s dress, and some good old cowboy (and cowgirl) fun with riding and undertaking shooting challenges. Overall, the weekend offered something for everyone and judging from the attendance over the two day event, it was another successful weekend in Montpelier at the Williams County Fairgrounds!

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