Williams County Health District Raising Childhood Obesity Awareness In September

VR LOGO - WEBIn the United States, 1 in 3 children are considered overweight or obese. In 2013, an alarming 40% of Williams County children grades K-6 were classified as overweight or obese – approximately seven percent higher than the national average. History has shown that overweight children and adolescents have an increased likelihood of being unhealthy, overweight adults.

The amount of daily fruits and vegetables a person eats greatly impacts their risk for obesity and chronic disease. Last year, a mere 11% of Williams County youth ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetable per day. The daily recommendation for fruit and vegetable consumption is at least five servings per day. Kids can make healthier choices with the help of the adults who inspire them. The effort begins at home. Encourage your youth to choose the healthier option by making healthier choices available at home; supporting school efforts to make fruits and vegetables more available; and leading by example.

Williams County has made it a priority to decrease youth and adult obesity-related behaviors by focusing on the following target impact areas: 1) Increasing awareness of available programs, 2) Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, 3) Increasing exercise, and 4) Decreasing sedentary behavior.

Let’s work together to make the healthy choice, the easy choice! To learn more about National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month or for tips on how to help your kids lead healthy lifestyle, visit http://www.fitness.gov or go to www.choosemyplate.gov.

For more information on how to increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, please call health educator, Emily Golias at (419) 485-3141.

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