Williams County Historical Society Celebrates Past And Present At Fall Fest

10-11-2014-WCHS Fall Fest-T.J (45) WEBIt’s easy to get caught up in the festivities of a celebration.

Such is the case with the annual Fall Festivals.  In the excitement of Autumn’s majesty, villages and organizations spend so much time emphasizing the Season that they tend to forget to demonstrate what it is that makes them unique.

 This was not the case for the Williams County Historical Society, as they hosted their own version of Fall Fest.

 Every member of the Society on hand for the event was ready and eager to discuss various aspects of Williams County history, even if said aspects had nothing to do with Fall.  Topics such as the early influence the state of Connecticut had on the area, and how portions of Williams and Lucas County were given up to form Fulton County roughly 150 years ago were brought up despite having nothing to do with the celebrated Season.

 Tours were given of the log cabin located at the forefront of the Historical Society’s Campus.  Those who entered the mid-1800’s structure were treated to bread and jelly, as well as a fascinating background story on the cabin itself.

 Several vendors counted themselves amongst those in attendance at the Festival.  Due to weather issues last year, the local proprietors set up shop within the Society’s Museum.  This also enticed patrons to examine the artifacts procured by the organization over the years.  Meanwhile, the vendors themselves had plenty at which to look as well, selling everything from crafts to baked goods.

 Children were paid special attention by those planning the event itself.  Train rides, pulled by a lawnmower, face painting, a bounce house, and even a magic show were available for youths to enjoy.

 Actually, like the Fall Fest, the Society itself is all about kids.  Several members expressed their motivations for keeping Williams County history as saving it for younger generations, who currently have no understanding of such things, to enjoy.

 Fall may be cause to celebrate, but, for the Williams County Historical Society, every day is a commemoration of who they are.

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