Williams County Sheriff Has To Dip Into Reserves To Pay For New-Car Build-Outs

The Williams County Sheriff’s Department will get two new sedans built out, but it will require a request for help with salaries later this year.

Sheriff Steven Towns and Lt. Greg Ruskey appeared before the board to ask for additional funding to complete the build-out of two cars.

The Sheriff will take $3,715 out of its salary line to cover the difference between the approved total and the new amount.

If the department comes up short in its payroll fund later this year, the sheriff can ask the board for extra funding.

The commissioners found themselves with being asked for more money after it was learned the original price of $8,000 per car was the correct amount. The sheriff had asked and gained approval for $6,317 per car to add the necessary lights, equipment and logos.

The $12,634 eats into the $50,000 carryover for the entire county budget.

The sheriff’s budget didn’t have the wiggle room the commissioners thought it did when Ruskey informed them step increases for other deputies would wipe out any savings from having a new officer replace a veteran patrolman.

Area communities got their first glimpse of funding possibilities for construction projects at a public hearing in Bryan Feb. 2.

The hearing was a part of the Commissioners meeting and was the first of two such hearings in regard to community projects and how they are paid for. The state has changed over to a two-year cycle for many funds, but there are still one-year options for some projects.

Sandy Kessler, community development planner for the Maumee Valley Planning Organization, went over the 2017 program for the assembled administrators and other officers.

The state is shifting to a two-year cycle, which means the county is eligible this year, but won’t again until 2019. The county will have $150,000 for four projects, Kessler said.

But that could be more than $200,000, MVPO Director Dennis Miller said.

The county is eligible to apply for Competitive Set-Asides: Critical Infrastructure, Neighborhood revitalization and downtown program.

The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. April 5.

A third option is the Target of Opportunity (formerly known as discretionary grants). There is $1 million available statewide with a cap of $200,000 per project.

The state has set a threshold (51 percent) for low and moderate income residents for a community to qu qualify for funding, but according to a chart provided by MVPO, Montpelier, Edon, Lake Seneca and Alvordton would qualify.

Communities that don’t meet that threshold could do an income survey of the affected area and qualify that way, Miller said.

The next step will be a Community Development Implementation Strategy Meeting in March.

MVPO will review all the applications submitted by the deadline and make recommendations to the Williams County Commissioners. The board will announce its recommendations at a second public hearing in June.

The Williams County Board of Commissioners approved the following resolution Feb. 2.

017-51: A consulting agreement between Williams County and DGL Consulting Engineers for an engineering proposal regarding County Highway 309 at a fee not to exceed $47,620.

017-52 A professional services agreement between Hillside Country Living and Plante Moran for Medicare and Medicaid Cost Replacement at a fee not to exceed $11,000. The agreement runs through May 30.

017-53: A rental of the Williams County Dept. on Aging and the Veterans Memorial Building in Montpelier for a Thanksgiving dinner Nov. 16. A refundable security deposit of $175 and the rental fee of $350 was approved.

017-54: An agreement between Hillside Country Living and Profit without Census for a Clinical Model Point Click Care. Cost of implementation will not exceed $2,000. Agreement runs through Dec. 31.

017-55: Approved advertising a vacancy on the Board of Directors for the Department of Developmental Disabilities. Member Tim Puckett is unable to finish his term which ends Dec. 31, 2018. Anyone interested in the volunteer position should contact Clerk Anne Retcher at the commissioners’ office on the fourth floor of the courthouse.

017-56: A contract for placement of children by Jobs and Family Services to Kids Count Too through Dec. 31. The fee will be $130,000.

017-57: An IV-E contact for child placement and related services with Ohio Teachers Family Association at a maximum fee of $260,000 through Dec. 31.

017-58: An increase of the fee for the contract with K & P Medical Transport from $150,000 to $180,000. The original contract was approved Dec. 22, 2016.

017-59: Appointing Rachel Sostoi to fill the vacancy on the Law Library Board with a term expiring Dec. 31, 2018. The vacancy was created when former assistant prosecutor Michael Juhasz resigned in November.

017-60: A proposal to troubleshoot the TRANE unit on the roof of East Annex for a cost not to exceed $2,700. The unit trips the high limit and causes a no heat situation.

017-61: Approved the transfer of $25,000 by the Department of JFS from its public assistance fund to its workforce development fund due to a low cash balance.

017-63: Approved the termination of a trainee in the Communications Office for failing to achieve competency.

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