Williams County Talks Christmas Decorations With Bryan Chamber

It may seem like Christmas is a long way off, but talks about next winter’s celebrations began March 16 at the Williams County Courthouse.

The Williams County Commissioners met with Chamber Director Dan Yahraus and Jim Kozumplik regarding the Jubilee permit and the Santa/Courthouse decorations permit. The pair were asked to come up to update the board on the Jubilee, what the plans are, Yahraus said.

The chamber would like to erect the same orange fence as this past Christmas to keep people off the Courthouse lawn, Yahraus said.

“With the construction last year, we did find that worked very well for our committee and clean up and also keeping the integrity of the courthouse,” Yahraus said.

Kozumplik asked if the county is going to repair the lawn this year and Commission President Lewis Hilkert said that is the plan.

Commissioner Terry Rummel stated it will still be fresh grass and to keep them off would be best. The commissioners agreed it would be a good idea to once again use the orange fencing.

Discussion was also held regarding watering the Courthouse Lawn in areas that are not fenced off.

Hilkert wanted to move on to the Christmas decorations and Santa’s House. He said hje thought it looked very good last year, even though the courthouse was in the middle of construction.

“I think the biggest hassle that any of us had was Santa’s House coming on and off because of keeping that north sidewalk open,” Hilkert said. “I don’t see that as a problem this coming year.

Constant communication between himself and Clerk Anne Retcher worked very well, Yahraus said. Retcher kept Yahraus in the loop on what was going on, moving it in and moving it out, he said.

“The utility was really good about being patient on hooking it up,” Yahraus said. “So, I don’t think there was any problems with that.

Hilkert said the way some decorations were readjusted, meant the theme changed as one went around the courthouse. Not having it all inter-mixed was a good idea, he said.

The only comment Yahraus received was lot of people wanted the Nativity scene back on the east side.

“We are going to discuss that as a group,” Yahraus said. “The problem with that is the wind, the heaviest part of the wind is on (the east) side of the square. So, when the wind comes in, any type of wind knocks those things over and those are very fragile.

“We have had Santa fall over twice. In the last two years, (he) broke his arm twice, and that is $2,000 worth of damage on him and he sits over there.”

Kozumplik would like to see an opportunity to put more lights in the trees, something Commissioner BrianDavis agreed with and said he would like to see lights year round.

The commissioners also met with Aaron Hellers regarding the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms.

Hellers is the project manager for the Demonstration Farms, he was in Bryan to make the board aware of this project and how it effects agriculture in Williams County. He also invited the commissioners to come out to the farms if they were part of the County Commissioners Association’s Water Quality Task Force or the Ag & Rule Affairs Committee.

The Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network and the three demonstration farms currently involved (Stateler Farms; Kellogg Farms; and Kurt Farms). The program began in 2015 as part of the Great Lakes restoration program.

The three farms are at different spots in Blanchard Watershed and are working to determine the effectiveness of systems designed to contain non-source pollutants

The commissioners also approved the following resolutions:
17-110-Moving the Dog Warden into the Williams County Humane Society and paying $1,285 per month rent and $25 for each dog brought in. The two entities will continue to operate as separate businesses.

The Humane Society will perform all the duties relating to the care of any dog in the Dog Warden’s possession, including feeding, watering, cleaning, exercising, euthanizing, providing the dogs with care and attention, etc.

The Humane Society shall pay for costs associated with such care, including but not limited to euthanization cost and mediation costs, and food, water and all other necessary costs. The Humane Society shall comply with all statues, rules, regulation or policies of the Dog Warden pertaining to the care, treatment, and euthanization of all dogs that are in the Dog Warden’s possession.

All dogs brought in by or through the Dog Warden will be considered their property for the first three days, not including the first day brought in, weekends, and holidays.Dogs may be reclaimed with all money going to the Williams County Dog Pound.

The Humane Society will take possession of the dogs after that.

Any employee of the Humane Society who the prosecutor determines is necessary to provide testimony in any criminal or civil case involving the Dog Warden or her/his duties shall so testify and cooperate with the Prosecutor at their current hourly rate.

The Humane Society will provide a workstation area for the Dog Warden with enough room for a desk, file cabinets, printer and computer and miscellaneous office supplies. The Dog Warden will have access to internet, all utilities and restroom/breakroom. The Humane Society will pay the costs of such services. There wil at all times be at least five stalls available for use of the Dog Warden’s dogs. The Dog Warden must provide her own phone line.

17-102 The board approved a mowing contract with Loran’s Lawn Service for the equipment and labor to mow the Oak Meadow’s Drainage Ditch #606 at a cost not to exceed $900. The term of the agreement is from March 6 through December 31.

17-103 The board approved a credit application by HD Waterworks Ltd., for purchasing wastewater treatment plant supplies. The application was brought forth from the county engineer’s office.

17-104 Approved Agency Agreement with LEADS Online, LLC on behalf of Sheriff Steven Towns for use of the LEADS electronic reporting and criminal investigation system for use of Law Enforcement Agencies in their official duties, at a cost not to exceed $1,391.75. The agreement is in effect from March 15 through December 31, 2017.

17-105 The board appointed Dan Clum as Prevailing Wage Coordinator for all projects for Williams County as needed during the calendar year.

17-106 The board urges the Ohio General Assembly to take immediate action against the potential loss of approximately $433,515 (7.5 percent) of sales tax revenues associated with the Medicaid MCO sales tax by adopting an equitable solution that addresses the funding needs of the state and counties on a continuing basis.

The SFY 2018 – 2019 Executive State Budget proposes disparate treatment for the state and counties by recommending to fully replace forgone state sales tax and Medicaid matching dollars for the next biennium while providing counties/transit authorities with a one-time allocation that ranges from approximately three months to a year or more of the forgone revenue,

17-108 Approved a proposal from MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc. for the purchase of new computers and related equipment at a cost not to exceed $8,108. Don Bulla, Deputy Director for the Williams County EMA/911, submitte the prosposal to the board March 13.

17-109 Approved a proposal from NW Brown Electric for the purchase and installation of eight waterproof outlet lockable covers and eight keyed alike locks at a cost not to exceed $587.

17-111 Approved the recommendation of Dog Warden Pam Welch, to hire Emily Pearson and Alicia Zimmerman as Assistant Dog Wardens.

Pearson and Zimmerman’s first working day will be March 27. They will be on call for approximately fourteen days per month and would earn an on-call rate of $20 per day, plus $11 an hour, with a two-hour minimum, when responding to a call that takes them off of the Humane Society’s premises.

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