Williams County Veterans Service Commissioners Speak To Stryker Rotary About Veterans Benefits


DSCF4372 WEBMarty Potts and Kevin Motter spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club about the Williams County Veterans Service Commission. Marty and Kevin are both Service Commissioners and enjoy their role in assisting veterans in receiving the benefits they earned for the service they provided to our country. Some veterans have struggled in their lives following their service and are entitled to benefits from the county, state, or federal governments; in some cases all three.

Kevin told the club that veterans have struggled for generations following their service. Today, many of our veterans can get assistance if they apply, and the Service Commission is there to help them through the process. The service has expanded its assistance from providing mainly emergency financial assistance to helping them get back on their feet and become a productive member of society.

Most people are aware of the medical services provided by the Veterans Administration, but fewer are aware of the other services provided. Marty and Kevin said they find the most difficult step for many veterans is to just ask for help. These individuals who served others are reluctant to ask for the assistance they have earned. The local community also benefits because the dollars for services provided often are spent in the local community.


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