Young Montpelier Queens Host Fundraiser For Williams County Family In Need


04-11-2015-Montpelier Queens Fundraider-West Unity-T (34) WEBBy: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

There are few things more inspiring than a random act of kindness.

If that statement is true, then Little Miss Montpelier Karis Wheeler and Junior Miss Montpelier Jade Scott are among the most inspirational people in Williams County. The pair hosted a Celebrity Waiter fundraising dinner as part of the Queens for a Cause campaign, with the proceeds of their work going to a family of need within the county.

They weren’t alone in their efforts, of course. Aside from their parents, queens from various other towns in the area rallied behind the noble deed of the two young Montpelier girls, determined to help them succeed. Not only that, but several figures from their own community also stepped up when asked to do so by Scott and Wheeler.

The event was held in the West Unity Church of Christ. Using the facility’s banquet hall, there was plenty of room for everyone in attendance to sit comfortably while their respective celebrity waiter served them both food and laughs, as said waiters were required to answer challenges issued by their tables. These challenges were always of the silly variety, and led to some good natured embarrassment on the part of the waiters, who would endure it for “tips,” which would go toward the fundraising effort.

Montpelier Chief of Police Dan McGee found this out first hand, as he was ordered to take to the room’s stage at the request of one of his tables. Using his cell phone to play the theme from the T.V. show Cops, McGee danced about the stage while singing the words to the song. Videos taken on the scene have since went viral within the county’s social networking circles.

That stage was mostly used by more professional entertainers, however. Many of the queens in attendance, some with the assistance of a sibling, gave the crowd a great show. Miss Edgerton/Miss Williams County Hanna Herman sang for the audience, Little Miss Pioneer Katelyn Balser displayed her cheerleading skills with an athletic showing, Teen Miss Edon/Teen Miss Williams County Melody Nofziger used cups to help perform a unique song, National Excellence Queen Alexis Mitchell and Young Miss Ohio Morgan Mitchell teamed up with Scott for a puppet show, Wheeler joined forces with her sister Brooke to take those in attendance back tot he 1920’s with their variation on the Flapper Dance. These were just some of the acts put on to entertain the guests as they dined on delicious food while being waited on hand and foot by prominent members of the community.

As for the actual raising of funds, the event was an amazing success. By the conclusion of the festivities, the girls had brought in $1,041 for their cause. That money will soon be handed over to a family within the confines of Williams County who could really use a boost in their current financial situation. At the time of print, that family had not yet been selected.

While they had a lot of help, seeing two girls as young as Wheeler and Scott so eager to help those in need had to motivate even the most apathetic of people to try and offer their assistance to someone who needs it. If more people followed their example, may acts of kindness wouldn’t appear to be so random anymore.

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